Helm of Neutrality

Changes Moral Alignment of Good or Evil wearer to Neutral.


When properly worn by a Good or Evil character, a Helm of Neutrality temporarily changes the moral alignment of the character to Neutral. Several of these Helms are employed by the Chez Ogrez staff, all but two of whom are Evil, in order to accommodate Parties with Lawful Good members. The Helms are typically employed in connection with promotional “BE NO EVIL” Seatings, in which only Good or Neutral Parties may be served.


Devised by Princess Gargarrita (The Smart One), of the IEG Sorority, for use by Chaotic and/or Evil personnel of the Chez Ogrez Restaurant. Its purpose is to enable marketing and delivery of dining services to patrons of Lawful and/or Good Alignments, who might otherwise feel compelled to disruptive behavior in the presence of persons of either Chaotic or Evil disposition. A minor modification was made to an ordinary Helm of Change Alignment, which typically swaps between the extremes of Good/Evil or Lawful/Chaotic. A Helm of Neutrality magically makes a perfect fit to the head size of the wearer, and, once donned, can only be removed at the consent or death of the wearer. The wearer’s alignment becomes true Neutral for as long as the Helm is worn. Wearer’s motivation, reasoning, and behavior become consistent with Neutrality. “Detect Evil” and other such charms reveal only “Neutral”, no matter what the wearer has been or done in the past. A side benefit of the helm is that it augments the wearer’s Armor Class by -1. A minor disadvantage is that while the Helm is in use, the wearer has a feeling of being “blunted”, much in the same manner as one taking antidepressants or other psychotherapeutic medications. The discomfort has variously been described as feeling bored, uninterested, uninspired, without emotion or drive, “lost my MoJo”, etc. The wearer’s libido is entirely suppressed for the duration in which the helm is worn. For these reasons, the Helm is only worn during business hours, and it is not a favored accessory during melee combat.

Helm of Neutrality

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