Dinner Menu

Sample Dinner Menu for the Restaurant at the End of the Dungeon


Chez Ogrez Menu de la Maison

First Course

  • Pate de Fois Grue, Roe d’Lamprey, Parmigiana Crostini
  • White Dragon Carpaccio on Toast, Poached Dragon Egg, Capers
  • Buffalo Rot-Grubs, Risotto
  • Ill-Tempered Sea Bass Hot Pocket (Breathtaking!)
  • Croquettes of Bubble and Squeak
  • Reality Bites: Random Chaotic Chef Selections. (You ordered it. You bought it. You eat it!)

Second Course

  • Dungeonass Crab Lice, Sauce Bug-Bearnaise
  • Soup du Jour: War-Horse Wonton
  • Klingon Gakkh (served live)
  • Giant Toad in the Hole
  • Cat-Bangers and Smash

Third Course

  • Filet of Stirge, Shrieking Mushroom Reduction, Home-Style Couch-Potatoes
  • Beer-Basted Xorn Brisket, Bloodlarva Gravy, Meadow Muffins
  • Mesquite-Fired White Dragon Tail Brochettes, Garlic Minion-Fritters
  • Chicken-Fried Snake-Kebab, a la Maka
  • Tombstone Pizza, Undead Anchovies
  • Sherry’s Stuffed Pork Chops, Gargglike Smash-Potatoes, Road Applesauce

Cheese Course

  • Flight of Five Hydra Head-Cheeses
  • Artisan Cheese-Wizzard, Martina’s Honey, Almonds
  • Black Pudding Fondue, Limburger Balls
  • Baked Garggonzola Sticks, Pesto Sauce
  • Velveeta Smoothie

Dessert Course

  • Chocolate-Covered Ladyfingers
  • Gelatinous Cube Aspic
  • Troll House Cookies
  • Shambling Shortcake Flambe, Gallberries, Kraken Rum Reduction
  • Liquid Hot Magma Cake
  • Gargg’s Shoo-Fly Pie, mit Schlagg
  • Confit de Brandied Leeches, Bronx Razzberry Glaze

Children’s Menu, a la Carte

  • Ask to meet our “Catch of the Day”
  • Poor Boy Sandwich
  • Girl Sprout Cookies

Wine List

  • Undead Cellars 1590 Viognier
  • Iron Maiden 1592 Merlot
  • R’lyeh Ridge 1591 Zinfandel
  • Old Ones 1589 Chardonnay
  • Frog’s Leap Cellars Pinot Grigio (NV)
  • Dead Arm 1588 Merlot
  • Innsmouth Porto (NV)
  • Seven Deadly Zins (NV)

Specialty Cocktails

  • Bloodied Red-Shirt: Saurian Brandy, Velikul-Aid, White Dragon’s Blood, Tabasco
  • Top-shelf Garggarita: Grimm Reapersado Tequila, Ancient Marnier, Lemon-slime
  • Call of Cthulhu: Shuggoth Vodka, Miskatonic Water, Rose’s Slime Juice, Twisted
  • Green Slimer Smoothie
  • Purple Worm Punch
  • Stoned Giant
  • Pahand-Galactic Garggleblasster (The Original)

On Tap

  • Innsmouth Stout — Taste the Taint!
  • Arkham Pale Ale
  • Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager
  • Miller Lite

Three Courses: 100 g.p.
Four Courses: 125 g.p.
Five Courses: 150 g.p.
Children’s Menu: Market Price

Beverages, tax, and gratuity not included.
A 25% gratuity will be added to parties of one or more.

Specialty Cocktails: 10 g.p. or two for 20 g.p.
Wines by the Bottle: 20 to 200 g.p.
Wines by the Glass: 5 to 50 g.p.
Brews on Tap: 5 to 15 g.p.

All weapons, especially NO-FAIR-STINKIN-MAGICS, must be checked at the door.
“Adventurer-Casual” attire or better.
Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
Troublemakers will be featured carpaccio at next seating.

A nonrefundable Advance Deposit of $100 g.p. per party member IS REQUIRED to book dinner reservations. A $20 g.p. Cover Charge applies to those who wish only to partake of the libations and entertainment in the Cockatrail Lounge. Those with insufficient funds after dinner will have the equivalent value of meat surgically removed prior to leaving the restaurant.

We love children, especially when liberally sprinkled with grated cheese and hot sauce, deep batter-fried, and served with pitchers of Miller Lite and Sweet Potato Fries. If you have other ambitions for your children, we recommend leaving them at home.

Dinner Menu

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