Grunt the Usurper

Youngest half-sibling of the Three Sisters. Currently King Garggraliiggular XV



Youngest, and only acknowledged " son" of King Garrggralliggular XIV

Runty little bastard-son of Her Royal Flatulence, Queen Consort Gaggramaggot of the Gargg Clan, Southern Ogredom. Rumored to have murdered his “father”, His Royal Hideosity, King Garggraliggular XIV.

Succeeded his father as King and Supreme High Ogrelord, despite the stronger claim of his eldest sister, Crown Princess Garggravarrgala, by producing the most recent copy of his father’s Last Will And Testament, The will superseded all previous documents but was of questionable authenticity. In fact, it was rumored that the ink was not entirely dry, that the handwriting was crude, and the text was amateurish and full of misspellings and too many adverbs.

Speculated by some Garggian scholars to be the maternal half-uncle of Garggleblasst, Hero of Pahand.

Also, although his mother’s identity is certain, there is some question as to whether Grunt was truly the biological son of the king. His features and personality were reported to be somewhat reminiscent of the Trolls employed as stable hands by the Royal family.

CE alignment. Not a nice Person.


Does NOT clean his cracks.
Is NOT a patron of Chez Ogrez.

Grunt the Usurper

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